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Do you know art toys or desinger toys?


     Art toys, also known as designer toys, are created by artists and designers and are often produced in limited editions by small independent toy companies. These toys are made using a variety of materials such as PVC, vinyl, wood, metal, latex, plush, and resin. Many toy artists have backgrounds in graphic design, illustration, or fine art, but some are self-taught. The first art toys emerged in the 1990s in Hong Kong and Japan and were based on characters created by popular Lowbrow artists.

     According to illustrator Jeremyville's book Vinyl Will Kill!, the designer toy phenomenon began when Hong Kong-based artist Michael Lau showcased his customized G.I. Joe figures at a local toy show. He had transformed them into "urban hip-hop characters, wearing cool streetwear labels and accessories." This led to the emergence of the term "urban vinyl," which later became "designer toys."


Do you know art toys or desinger toys? 1

     One example of designer toys is the Qee series produced by Toy2R in Hong Kong. Qee figures come in various sizes and designs, typically with the same basic body type but with different head sculpts such as bears, cats, dogs, monkeys, or rabbits. Blank Qees are also produced in various sizes, which can be painted by collectors. Another example is the Dunny series produced by American company Kidrobot. Dunny figures resemble anthropomorphized rabbits in a cartoon style and come in different sizes.


Do you know art toys or desinger toys? 2

     Some notable creators of designer toys include Michael Lau, Devilrobots from Japan, Carlos & Ernesto East "The Beast Brothers" from Mexico, Frank Kozik from the United States, and James Jarvis from the United Kingdom. Designer toys continue to attract collectors and enthusiasts worldwide due to their unique designs and limited availability.

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