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Custom Art Toy Demeng Toy Cooperation Case
The cases of art toy manufactured by us
We have a high degree of manufacturing depth, short lead time and flexibility in every sense. Whatever your need is, we are happy to help. If you have a
new idea that you want to bring to reality or an existing design that needs improvement, we look forward to an opportunity to discuss it with you.
Glo Gang Vinyl Figure
This collectible vinyl figure toy is produced by us for glo gang, we make multiple sizes for this figure toy, and we make multiple prototype samples for this project.
Fredo Glo Man Vinyl Figure
This project is another very cool art toy design from Glo Gang with a unique hairstyle that will fascinate all art toy collectors.
Dancing Pig Keychain Figure
This attractive keychain design was specially customized by Mundo Carnitas and is perfect for hanging on keys, backpacks, bags or any other accessory.
Sidekick Kenny Art Toy
This art toy was the first designer art toy we made for artist Colin Ozawa and it sold out in just 3 days on the shelves.
Demonio Figures
This project is a art toy figure customized by Demeng Toy for the Rios Toy Designs company in March 2019. it requires a total of more than ten colors to be painted.
Degas Dead Figures
This figure is a art toy figure design by Rios Toy Designs. A crossover between Manila and the South Bronx comes the Dega's Dead by Quiccs x Rios Toy Designs.
Tyler1 Collectible Figure
Tyler1's exclusive collectible character is a collectible PVC art toy made by Demeng Toy based on the 2D design provided by the customer.
ABOMINABLE Custom Vinyl Toys
Abominable Toys is an art toy company that creates unique and imaginative collectibles for enthusiasts and collectors.
Best Day Ever Vinyl Art Toy
Developed during the trying times of the pandemic, the Best Day Ever vinyl art toy by Ezra Brown features his retro Happy character feeling his way through life.
Yukimura 9 Inch Resin Figurine
This project is a resin figurine art toy customized by Demeng Toy for XAVIER WULF TOY.
LIL Darkie Action Figure
This art toy is LIL Darkie's first action figure toy. We made 3D models, samples and production for it.
Nejoud Almushawih Art Toy
The design of this art toy pigeon figure is very creative. Its head is replaceable. The magnetic structure design we use makes it very easy to replace the head.
Huff Puff Toys Art Figure
This is a very cool art toy collection, it was designed by an artist Nicholas Miletic, we built a 3D model based on its design.
DISPLAY GEEK Sully Custom Vinyl Toys
Display Geek, Inc. is a company founded with the aim to organize and display collectibles creatively.
DISPLAY GEEK Custom Vinyl Toys
This is another PVC figure toy design by Display Geek, Inc,who born from the personal need of its founder to manage his growing collection of vinyl art toys.
This figure toys is a limited edition co-branded PVC doll SANTA WANG jointly produced by Demeng Toy in 2021, Tencent QQ and artists SANTA WANG.
Air Bair Black Cement IV Vinyl Art Toys
Air Bair- Black Cement IV Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Rufnek 21.
WOLF PITS Art Vinyl Toy Boomer
The art and creations of Ryan Taft AKA Wolf Pits. This art toy uses a combination of plastic injection molding and vinyl processing.
Go Golem Designer Toy
We have produced toys in 3 different sizes for Blushing Owl Studio.
Thairannosaurus Rex Animal Action Figure Toy
The Tyrannosaurus action figure toy is produced with a matte white body that contrasts with gold eyes, fangs, and nails.
Amxd Robot Action Figure
This high-quality robot action figure is produced by us for the automox company. His name is Agent of Action, and each of his joints is movable.
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