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How to make resin figure
Demeng Toy : Resin Figure Manufacturer

    Demeng Toy who is a professional resin toy manufacturer, specializing in custom resin art toys, resin figure and resin figurines,etc.We have more than 10 years of experience in the customization of resin toys and have helped many well-known art toy brands customize their resin statues and resin sculptures, including life size anime resin figures, large animal resin statues and resin figure model kits. 

Why are Resin Figure So Popular?

    Art resin figures are popular for their relative ease of processing in small batches, more 'premium' look and feel, and aesthetic qualities. Resin figure toy are often produced in limited runs, enhancing their collectibility and potential investment value. Epoxy Resin's versatility allows for unique finishes and custom variants, appealing to collectors who value rarity and artistic expression. The strong community around collecting and the figures' connection to pop culture further drive their popularity and desirability.

Custom Anime Resin Figure
How are resin figurines made?
The journey of creating a resin art toy is an art form in itself, involving various materials such as resin, promoters, hardeners, and colorants. Here's a closer look at the process:
    1.Resin Craft Preparation:Involves gathering materials like resin, stone powder, colorants, and glass fiber for certain products.
    2.Mold Making:This crucial step involves designing molds based on the product's appearance and intricacies. Common mold types include double-opening, single-opening, and multi-piece molds.
Detailed Steps in Silicone Mold Making for Resin Figures:
This can be a 3D-printed prototype or handcrafted from clay.
Shape clay to match the resin model, creating positioning holes for alignment.
Construct a frame around the clay and seal it to prevent leaks.
Mix silicone with the hardener in a 100:2 ratio, ensuring thorough mixing.
a custom pvc art figure toy
Gently pour the silicone to reduce air bubbles.
a custom pvc art figure toy
Allow the silicone to cure for about 6-8 hours.
Creating the Other Mold Half
Remove the clay, flip the mold, and repeat the process.
Finalizing the Mold
After curing, remove the frame to complete the two-part silicone mold.
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Start Making Resin Figure:
    The silicone mold is just the first step. Crafting resin figures requires skill and experience:
Fix the mold on a workbench with adhesive.
Combine resin with hardener and pigments, balancing the color mix.
Pour resin into the mold, dry with a blow dryer or heat gun to remove bubbles.
a custom pvc art figure toy
Continue filling the mold, using tools like needles to eliminate air pockets.
a custom pvc art figure toy
Allow the resin to harden, a process influenced by the resin type and environmental conditions.
a custom pvc art figure toy
Remove the sculpture from the mold, then sand and paint, focusing on fine details and surface texture.
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Notable Resin Toy Brands and Their Resin Figure Kit

    Several brands have made their mark in the resin art toy scene, each known for their distinctive styles and innovative designs. These brands cater to a niche market, offering limited edition high-end collectibles that are highly sought after by enthusiasts.
BANDAI, whose Chinese name is “万代”, was founded in 1950. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has branches in China. Bandai is Japan's largest comprehensive entertainment company with a wide range of interests. It produces most of the anime figures and models, ranking first in the world in terms of quantity. The most famous among them is the GUNDAM series, which is commonly known as "Gundam".
ALTER is a Japanese resin figure manufacturer of humanoid products. The Chinese official translation is Alta, and the original Japanese text is “アルター”. ALTER's works cover various types of toys, such as action figures, PVC figures, GK plaster figures, etc. In terms of character selection, ALTER's works are also very wide, including animation, games, comics and other different types of characters.
Good Smile Company
This company can be said to be a very "popular" company. Since it is the first Japanese animation peripheral company to open a branch in China, its influence in China is also quite large. It can be seen at many domestic comic exhibitions. See its official booth. Basically, friends who know a little about figures know its existence. Most of Good Smile Company's resin figurines are well-made and affordable, making them suitable for general consumer groups. In addition to producing some well-made figures, Good Smile Company also produces some small accessories such as acrylic pendants to meet the needs other than figures.
Kotobukiya (コトブキヤ) is a famous Japanese company that manufactures and sells toys. Its history can be traced back to 1947, when Kotobukiya was just a toy store operating in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, and later established a limited company in 1953. Not content with just selling toys, Kotobukiya thought of making toys himself. Kotobukiya's first step in making toys is to develop and produce small assembled humanoid models. In 1984, Kotobukiya produced its first original GK(GARAGE KIT), "ARMAMENT". Today, Kotobukiya's main business is planning, production, sales, and service activities for hobby products (hobby) centered on anime action figures, resin models, and miscellaneous goods.
This is the last of the figure manufacturer "Yusanjia". The three companies respectively refer to GOOD SMILE COMPONY (hereinafter referred to as GSC), ALTER and Max Factory (hereinafter referred to as MF). The reason why they are called Yusanjia by Chinese people is because the humanoid toys produced by these three companies at that time were of high quality. At present, MF’s model play can be roughly divided into: Scale resin Figure, Figma, PLAMAX, Nendoroid
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The Future of Resin Art Toy Collections

    Resin art toys represent an evolving segment in the high-end collectible toy market. Their limited production runs and intricate craftsmanship make them a preferred choice for collectors seeking unique and exclusive items. As the custom toy industry continues to grow, resin art toys stand at the forefront of this artistic revolution, combining traditional sculpting techniques with modern manufacturing processes.

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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see
    Resin art toys are more than just collectibles; they are miniature pieces of art that reflect the skill and creativity of their makers. Their growing popularity in the custom toy industry is a testament to their appeal and the rich diversity they bring to the world of collectibles. As they continue to evolve, resin art toys promise to remain a cherished and significant part of the custom collectible landscape.
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