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Demeng Toy: Pioneering in the figure Prototyping

Demeng Toy is a professional toy prototype manufacturer with over a decade of experience in art toy industry. We are committed to helping artists and designers around the world create their own figurine prototypes of figure designs. We are especially good at making action figure prototypes of artistic characters. Usually, the designs provided by artists are often 2D images, and then we have professional 3D toy modelers who can build corresponding 3D figure models based on the 2D design, and then quickly print out the art figurine parts through industrial-grade 3D printers, then manually polish, color, and assemble the 3D printed parts to finally produce a beautiful art toy prototype.

How to make a toy figure prototype?

At Demeng Toy, we specialize in bringing imaginative art toy concepts to life. Our process caters to a diverse clientele including artists, designers, renowned brands, and animation studios from around the globe. Here’s a detailed insight into how we create a 3D prototype for art toy characters:

Illustration of diverse design submissions for art
Our process starts with a illusive figure idea of creativity. Artists and designers from around the globe bring us their unique art figure design, which we transform into vibrant, tangible art toy figures. This transition from concept to vinyl collectible is a great creation of artistry, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts searching for unique art toys and custom toy design.
A 3D artist working on a computer, transforming a
At Demeng Toy, we have embraced the digital revolution, incorporating advanced 3D modeling techniques into our design process. Using software like Zbrush and 3D Max, our artists skillfully sculpt intricate digital models, ensuring each art toy is a true representation of the original concept. This integration of 3D modeling and digital sculpting is crucial in crafting our bespoke art toys.
Side-by-side images of a clay model being sculpted
Our prototyping phase marries traditional handcrafting methods with modern 3D printing technology, showcasing our versatility in art toy prototyping. Whether it's a hand-sculpted clay model or a 3D printed figure, each prototype is a testament to our dedication to innovative toy design.
A close-up of the hand-finishing process for an ar
Prototyping each toy from a idea design to a finished toy sample is a meticulous process. Our craftsmen hand polish and hand-paint each piece, a crucial step for those looking for custom painted art toys. This attention to detail ensures that every toy is not just a product but a piece of collectible art.
A staged photo of a finished art toy prototype, re
We believe in the power of collaboration. Each step of our process, especially the client review phase, is key to ensuring satisfaction. This approach has made us a trusted name in client-focused toy manufacturing, delivering art toys that perfectly align with our clients' visions.
The final art toy prototype being packaged for del
The final step of delivering these artful creations to our clients marks the fulfillment of our commitment to quality art toy production. At Demeng Toy, we are constantly innovating, staying ahead in the art toy market, and setting new benchmarks for creative toy manufacturing.
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Designer Art Toy Prototype Case
The art toy market has seen rapid growth in recent years, with some companies reaching annual sales in the millions. Art toys, often based on characters from animations, movies, or games, require meticulous crafting.
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