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Wood Figure Process
Demeng Toy About Wood Figures Crafting Artistry

Welcome to Demeng Toy, where artistry meets play. We are a creative production house specializing in the art of making custom wooden dolls. Based in the heart of craftsmanship, our mission is to create not just toys, but pieces of art that capture the imagination and stand the test of time. With a deep respect for traditional techniques and a keen eye for modern design, Demengtoy represents a unique fusion of the old and the new, bringing together the best of both worlds in every creation.

The Historical Significance of Wooden Figurine

The art of wooden figure making dates back centuries, with each culture infusing its unique heritage into these creations. In many societies, wood figure were not just playthings but also held cultural and spiritual significance.
Historical and Cultural Significance of Wooden Dolls
Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship
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In today's environmentally conscious world, wooden dolls stand out for their eco-friendliness. Wood is a renewable resource, and our commitment to using sustainably sourced materials minimizes our ecological footprint. Unlike plastic toys, which contribute to pollution and are often non-biodegradable, wooden toys are natural, durable, and have a much lower environmental impact over their lifespan. By choosing wooden dolls, our customers not only enjoy a piece of art but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Hearing from our customers brings the story of our dolls to life. Here are a few testimonials that highlight the impact of our work:

  • Emily R., Art Collector: "The custom wooden doll I received from Demengtoy is more than a toy – it's a piece of art. The attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship is astounding. It's a beautiful addition to my collection."
  • Mark T., Environmental Advocate: "I appreciate Demengtoy's commitment to sustainability. Knowing that my purchase is eco-friendly and supports traditional craftsmanship makes it all the more special."
  • Sophia L., Parent: "My daughter adores her wooden doll. It's not only safe and durable but also sparks her imagination in ways that plastic toys never did. I love the cultural touch it adds to her playtime."
Wooden Figure Custom Make Process
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Assorted raw wood materials, including willow, Ann
Selecting Premium Raw Materials
We begin by choosing natural, pollution-free woods like willow, Annan, nanmu, and sample wood. These woods are selected for their smooth surfaces, absence of defects, and superior strength, ensuring that our toys are durable and safe for use.
Design sketches and drafts of wooden dolls laid ou
Design and Drafting
Before carving begins, our artists and designers meticulously plan out the shape, size, craftsmanship, and materials of each doll. This detailed planning not only meets aesthetic needs but also enhances practicality, efficiency, and quality in production.
woodworking workshop scene showing the cutting and
Cutting and Processing
Once a design is finalized, we move on to cutting and processing the wood. Using various woodworking tools, cutting machinery, and power tools, we ensure that each piece is precisely crafted according to the design specifications.
A detailed view of the sanding and polishing proce
Sanding and Polishing
After carving, each doll undergoes rigorous sanding and polishing. This step is crucial to smooth out any rough edges and perfect the doll’s surface, preparing it for painting and finishing.
A craftsman painting and coloring a wooden doll, h
Painting and Coloring
To protect the doll and enhance its appearance, we use eco-friendly paints and varnishes. This step not only adds beauty but also ensures that our products are safe and environmentally responsible.
A scene depicting the final assembly and packaging
Assembly and Packaging
Finally, the processed parts are assembled using glue, wooden nails, and screws as per design requirements. We use eco-friendly packaging materials like colored boxes, cardboard, and nylon bags, ensuring that each doll reaches our customers in perfect condition.
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Create Your Own Wooden Figurine

At Demengtoy, we are more than just toy makers; we are custodians of a rich artistic tradition and advocates for a sustainable future. Our custom wood figure sculpture are a testament to this commitment, offering a blend of artistry, heritage, and environmental responsibility. Whether for play, collection, or decoration, our toy figurines are crafted to inspire and endure.

Completed Custom Wooden Doll in a Beautiful Setting
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