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How To Make A Vinyl Toy
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    Demeng Toy, a trailblazer in the art toy industry for over a decade, specializes in custom vinyl toy manufacturing. Having mastered the intricate vinyl rotocasting process and sofubi production, we can blend traditional plastic toy craftsmanship with modern 3D printing technology, while our expertise extends to creating diverse, collectible vinyl toys.  From vinyl toy series to pop culture figures to designer art toys, we meet the quality requirements of art toys for collectors and art lovers around the world. At Demeng Toys, each vinyl piece is more than just a toy, it is a unique piece of art that reflects our commitment to quality, innovation and artistic expression in the ever-evolving world of art vinyl collectibles.

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Vinyl Toys: Synonymous with designer art toys

 What is a vinyl? 

Vinyl often mistaken as a material, are in fact "vinyl" is a unique manufacturing process known as rotocasting. This art toy has evolved significantly, intertwining history, culture, and innovation in the world of collectibles.Vinyl toys, or rotocast toys, have their roots in a specialized plastic toy manufacturing process. Originating as a technique for creating hollow molded products, the process involves a unique method of layering copper on a prototype to form a basic metal mold. This mold is then filled with a PVC paste resin, adjusted for various softness and hardness, and heated while being rotated to ensure uniform heating and cooling. This method, cost-effective and versatile, gave rise to the distinct feel and texture of soft vinyl toys, differentiating them from ordinary PVC toys and plastic toys.

 As a leading manufacturer in the custom art toy industry. Demeng Toy delves into the small batch customization of vinyl toys, exploring low-cost production of art toy prototype samples,anti-counterfeiting technology for art toys, and the combination of various art toy production techniques.
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The Vinyl Toy Making Process
    At the core of vinyl toy production is the rotocasting or rotational molding process. This involves pouring a paste-like PVC solution into a metal vinyl toy mold and rotating it in a high-temperature oven. This rotation allows the molten plastic to uniformly coat the mold's interior, creating a seamless and hollow final product-blank vinyl toys parts. The uniqueness of this process lies in its ability to eliminate parting lines, a common issue in injection molding, making vinyl toys collection a preferred choice for many collectors and designers.

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Soft Vinyl Toy(Sofubi): Another Vinyl Toy Fabrication Craft

    Sofubi(ソフトビニール), a Japanese term for soft vinyl, represents a subset of vinyl toys known for their soft texture and bouncy feel. The production of sofubi involves mixing PVC powder with additives and heating the mixture in molds to form the toy. This process, different from regular rotocasting, offers a unique texture and finish to the toys, making them highly sought after by art toy collectors worldwide. Vinyl toy makers and vinyl toy factories often use this process to produce cool kaiju vinyl toys and urban vinyl toys.

Step 1
Mix PVC powder with plasticizer, softener and other additives and pour into the mold.
Step 2
Then put the mold into a centrifuge or vacuum machine and vacuum it to emove air bubbles.
Step 3
Put the molds in an industrial oil pool and heated to make the raw materials adhere to the surface of the mold.
Step 4
Pour out the excess PVC ingredients and the poured out ingredients can be reused.
Step 5
Put the mold back into the oil stove and heat it for 2-3 minutes until the entire glue is cooked.
Step 6
Place the mold in water to cool.
Step 7
After cooling, pull out the colloid (A clamp is needed to clamp out the colloid)
Step 8
After successfully clipping out the colloid, you need to trim it to remove excess corners.
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How to create your own vinyl toy prototypes

       Going from a designer art toy concept to a real premium vinyl toy is an intricate one. Initially, you need carve a clay sample, followed by a wax sample to account for shrinkage during the mold-making process. The wax sample undergoes electroplating to create a copper mold, the master mold for production. With the advent of 3D printing technology, many contemporary designer art toys start as computer models, later transformed into master molds through direct 3D printing. At the same time, we can also use 3D printers to make 3D printing vinyl toy prototype samples at a lower cost.

This is a clay sample (sculpture) of vinyl toy maker, and the design prototype is carved out manually and machine-wise.
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Then there is the wax sample. According to the shape of the clay sample, the corresponding wax sample is carved out. Since the subsequent mold turning process will produce about 3% shrinkage, the size of the wax sample must be enlarged accordingly based on the expected finished product size.
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Popular Vinyl Toy Collections
Vinyl toys encompass a wide range of styles and themes, appealing to a diverse collector base. Some popular vinyl collectibles include:
Artist-designed series
Limited edition art toys showcasing individual artist styles.
Qee Toys
Characterized by their big heads and simplified designs.
Robot-themed toys
Robot vinyl action figures featuring mechanical designs with articulated joints.
Cartoon and Anime-inspired toys
Anime vinyl figure toys based on popular cartoon characters.
Pop Culture and Icons
Art figure toys inspired by movies, music, and historical figures.
Urban Vinyl Toys
Urban vinyl art toys reflecting street art and urban culture.
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Prospects and opportunities for designer vinyl toys

The Future of Vinyl Toys

The vinyl toy industry, blending artistry with manufacturing innovation, continues to grow. As a leading custom vinyl toy manufacturer, Demeng Toy remains at the forefront of this evolution, helping artists and toy designers creating unique, high-quality vinyl toys that resonate with collectors and enthusiasts alike. With a focus on artistic expression and technological advancement, the future of vinyl toys looks promising, offering endless possibilities for creativity and design.
Arts or Toys?
Pop vinyl toys represent a unique fusion of art and manufacturing. As the Vinyl Toy collectibles industry evolves, Demeng Toy continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of these vinyl collectible art pieces, ensuring each creation is not just a toy but a work of art, cherished by collectors and art enthusiasts around the world. 
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