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Art Toy

Art toys, also known as designer toys, are a type of collectible toy that is designed by artists and designers. Unlike traditional toys, art toys are often created in limited editions and are considered to be more of a work of art than a mass-produced item. Art toys can come in many different forms, from vinyl figures to plush toys to resin sculptures.




Art toys have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among adults who appreciate the unique designs and limited availability of these items. Many art toys are sold in blind box format, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the collecting experience.




Art toy designers often collaborate with other artists and brands, creating limited edition collaborations that are highly sought after by collectors. Some art toy designers have even gained celebrity status, with their designs being featured in galleries and museums around the world.

We serve artists, designers, and art brand merchants around the world, helping them turn art designs into collectible art toys. You only need to provide your original designs, and we will provide one-stop services from 3D modeling to production and transportation. Make it easy for you to have figura personalizada toys
Are you looking for art toy manufacturer? Demeng Toy provide the perfect solution for customizing 3D figurines! Using the latest in 3D printing technology, we can create a lifelike replica of any character or animal.
Custom cartoon figures for your fans of anime and manga is a perfect option. Choose from a variety of sizes, including small size figures and big figures, to find the perfect fit for your collection. Our cartoon toy figures are crafted with attention to detail, bringing your favorite characters to life in stunning detail. Looking for something truly unique? Try our "make your own anime figure" option, allowing you to design and customize your very own figure model. Whether you're a collector or simply looking for the perfect gift for an anime fan, our cartoon toys are sure to delight.
Our collection includes 3D art toys, vinyl toys, PVC toys, plastic figurines, and even 3D printed toys. We also offer OEM and mold toy options for those who want to create their own unique designs. Our designer toy collection features beloved cartoon characters and toy figure statues that are perfect for collectors. Whether you're looking for new, high-quality toys or affordable plastic toys, we have something for everyone.
These collectible vinyl figures come in a variety of styles and designs, from classic characters to modern-day pop culture icons. Whether you're a fan of anime, comics, movies, or TV shows, there's a vinyl figurine out there that's perfect for you.
Collection toys are often designed by some of the top artists and designers in the industry, ensuring that each collectible model is a true work of art that captures the essence of your favorite characters.
These collectible art toys are highly sought after by fans and collectors alike, making them a great way to connect with other fans and build a sense of community around your shared interests.
Step into the world of artistic imagination with our art figurine. Each art figure embodies the spirit of creativity and serves as a tangible representation of artistic inspiration, making them a must-have for any art enthusiast or collector.
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