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Resin casting is a method of plastic casting where a mold is filled with a liquid synthetic resin, which then hardens, and is used to produce collectible and customized toys and figures like designer toys, garage kits and ball-jointed dolls, as well as scale models, either individual parts or entire models of objects like trains, aircraft or ships. They are generally produced in small quantities, from the tens to a few hundred copies, compared to injection-molded plastic figures which are produced in many thousands. The upside is that creating the initial mold is much less costly than in the injection-molding process. But Resin casting is more labor intensive than injection molding, and the soft molds used are worn down by each cast. The low initial investment cost of resin casting means that individual hobbyists can produce small runs for their own use such as limited sales, Expo or home display, etc.

Honor historical figures and icons with Making resin figure. From influential leaders to cultural icons, our craftsmen will create a striking resin action figure that pays tribute to their legacy.Demeng toy who is a professional resin Manufacturer is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.
Whether you're a fan of superheroes, animals, or pop culture icons, our poly resin figures can be customized to fit your interests. Choose your favorite character and we'll create a figurine of resin just for you.
This vinyl toy is made from high-quality vinyl material, ensuring durability and resistance tLet your creativity shine with a custom small resin figure that reflects your artistic vision. Whether it's an abstract sculpture or a whimsical character, our artisans will bring your unique ideas to life in stunning detail.Demeng Toy is proud to offer eco-friendly materials and processes to create mini resin toys that are both fun and sustainable
Want to create a custom 3d resin figure of your favorite character? Our custom design service allows you to bring your ideas to life and create a one-of-a-kind epoxy resin toy.With our experience in creating resin figure toy for designers and artists around the world,Demeng Toy is the perfect partner for your projects.
Bring your favorite movie character to life with an Collectable art resin figure. Whether it's a legendary hero or a notorious villain, With their unique designs and high-quality materials and every detail meticulously recreated by our skilled artisans, ensuring an authentic representation.Our collectible resin figures are perfect for decoration in your home or office. resin art toy sure to add some personality to any space.
Our anime resin figures are perfect for fans who want to support their favorite artists and designers. With our focus on custom figure design and resin collection, we're proud to work with talented creators from around the world.From concept sketches to 3D modeling to prototyping, Demeng Toy offers a full range of services to help you create the perfect toy.
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Just leave your email or phone number in the contact form so we can send you a free quote for our wide range of designs!
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