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Custom 6 Inches Vinyl Figure


Less Than Jake, the renowned band, and we collaborated to create a limited edition collectible called the Losing Streak Monster Figure. Through our combined efforts, we were able to produce 1250 units of this unique and highly sought-after item. The figure's artwork was finished by a legendary East Bay Area artist, and with our expertise, we were able to bring their vision to life.

The result of our collaboration is a high-quality collectible that fans of the band and collectors alike will treasure. The limited production run means that this figure is a rare find and a must-have for anyone who wants to add something special to their collection.

Custom 6 Inches Vinyl Figure 1
Custom 6 Inches Vinyl Figure 2
Custom 6 Inches Vinyl Figure 3

This Losing Streak Monster collectible figure stands a full six inches tall and is made of vinyl. Its exquisite craftsmanship and intricate design are a testament to the dedication of both Less Than Jake and our team. The figure is not only a mere product but a work of art that embodies the very essence of creativity and imagination.

In conclusion, the Losing Streak Monster Figure is a true masterpiece that is the result of a collaboration between two creative powerhouses. It is a rare and highly sought-after collectible that will not only enhance your collection but also inspire you to appreciate the beauty of art in all its forms.

Custom 6 Inches Vinyl Figure 4


Custom 6 Inches Vinyl Figure 5
Custom 6 Inches Vinyl Figure 6

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