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The characteristics of injection molding toys:

The limitations of the original design are low and can be complex or simple.

PVC injection craft allows producers to split the molds according to the color and structure of the original design, so that the details of each part can be clearly presented.

The internal structure of PVC injection molded toys is solid, which makes the overall weight of the toy heavier than that of many materials.

PVC plastic is a commonly used raw material for injection molding toysin designer toy field, and according to the design needed, the producer will also combine with ABS injection craftand even vinyl carft.

The production of injection molding toys requires the use of large injection molding machines, and the production of molds is usually made of steel. Most enterprises have introduced fully automated equipment, which brings higher production efficiency. For large production orders, it can greatly shorten the production time and reduce the production cost.

PVC injection molding toys also have unavoidable disadvantages. First of all, the production cost of steel molds is relatively expensive. In addition, there may be split lines and splaymark on the surface of PVC injection molding toys. But split line can be smoothed by polishing and experienced operators can adjust temperature, hardness to avoid the spraymark as much as possible.


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The following is the mainly production process of PVC injection molding toys:

Design: First of all, the designer will design according to the design requirements of the toy, including graphic design and 3d model, color matching.

Mold making: Making the steel molds for injection, and setting up the molds in the large injection molding machines.

Mass Production: In the process of injection molding, plastic raw materials will enter the mold through the nozzle of the injection molding machine, and cool and cure into parts in the mold. After the parts are trimmed and inspected, they are painted, assembled, and finally packaged according to the customer's needs to become the final product.


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