Shenzhen Demeng Toy Design Development Co.,Ltd focus on making custom designer toys.

Q: What types of materials are used in the custom toys you produce?


We specialize in producing art toys using various materials, catering to diverse design needs and preferences:


Resin: Ideal for high-detailing and intricate designs, resin offers excellent moldability and reproduces fine details accurately. It allows for a range of finishing options.


Vinyl (PVC): Known for its durability and versatility, PVC is commonly used for producing action figures, toys, and collectibles. It offers flexibility in design and color options.


ABS Plastic: Often used in injection molding, ABS plastic is durable and impact-resistant, suitable for producing toys with intricate shapes and vibrant colors.


Silicone: Known for its flexibility and softness, silicone is suitable for creating more tactile or squishy toys, providing a unique texture and feel.


Metal Alloy: Occasionally used for limited-edition or high-end collectibles, metal alloy toys offer a premium look and feel.


Each material has its unique properties, making it suitable for different design aesthetics, purposes, and production techniques. We offer guidance in selecting the best material based on the toy's design, intended use, and desired finish.

Q:What type file we need to provide to you?
Q: Are you a toy factory or a trading company?
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