Shenzhen Demeng Toy Design Development Co.,Ltd focus on making custom designer toys.

Q: What is the custom toys MOQ?


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) can differ depending on various factors:

Prototyping MOQ: When it comes to prototypes, it's feasible to create just one sample for approval before moving forward with mass production.

Bulk Production MOQ:

Products sized between 2 to 5 inches: The minimum order quantity starts at 300 pieces, allowing for multiple color designs. Each design requires a minimum quantity of 100 pieces.

Small Size: The MOQ is 100 pieces and accommodates multiple color designs, with each design needing a minimum of 50 pieces.

Medium Size: The MOQ is 50 pieces, generally for a single design.

Large Size: The MOQ is 10 pieces for a single design.

Larger or custom-sized pieces may be manufactured upon request, even if it's just a single piece.

Flexible MOQ: The minimum order quantity can sometimes be discussed and negotiated based on specific circumstances or by having a conversation with our to align with the client's needs.

Q: How do I pay for my custom toy order?
Q: How can I start figure toy project?
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