Shenzhen Demeng Toy Design Development Co.,Ltd focus on making custom designer toys.

Q: How can I start figure toy project?


We offer a comprehensive custom designer toy service from start to finish.

1. Design Conceptualization: Initiating your project involves brainstorming and conceptualizing your distinct toy design. This phase encompasses idea generation, sketching, and forming a clear vision for the toy's appearance, functionalities, and features.

2. Converting Ideas into 3D Models: Once your design concept is clear, the subsequent step is transforming this concept into a 3D model. At Demo Toys, our team specializes in this aspect. We take your concept and craft a detailed 3D digital representation of your toy, meticulously detailing dimensions, textures, color schemes, and design specifics.

3. Collaborative Refinement: Following the initial creation of the 3D model, we engage closely with you for feedback and necessary refinements. We value your input to ensure that the design perfectly aligns with your vision. Any required adjustments or modifications are incorporated at this stage to achieve the desired final version.

4. Finalization and Documentation: Once the design meets your expectations, we finalize the 3D model. We compile all essential documentation, encompassing design files, technical specifications, and packaging requirements. This stage ensures that everything is ready for the manufacturing phase.

5. Production by Demeng Toy: With all design aspects approved, our team takes charge of the production process. We oversee manufacturing, utilizing chosen production techniques and materials while strictly adhering to your design specifications.

6. Quality Assurance and Review: Throughout production, we uphold rigorous quality checks at various stages. This includes scrutinizing raw materials, monitoring manufacturing processes, and conducting quality assessments on finished toy prototypes.

7. Delivery and Support: Once the toys are manufactured and pass our quality control, we prepare for delivery. Our support extends beyond production—we assist in coordinating shipping logistics, ensuring safe and timely delivery to your specified location.

8. Post-Delivery Service: Even after delivery, we remain available for any post-production inquiries, ensuring your satisfaction with the final product and addressing any concerns that may arise. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support, guaranteeing a seamless journey from concept to delivery.

Q: What is the custom toys MOQ?
Q:What type file we need to provide to you?
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