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Q:What type file we need to provide to you?


To initiate your toy figure project, the following files and information are typically needed:

1. Design References: These encompass photographs, sketches, digital illustrations, or any visual representations that encapsulate your toy design. Clear, detailed images assist in comprehending the visual style, color schemes, and overall design vision.

2. Digital 3D Model Files: Supplying 3D models of your toy design in file formats such as .obj, .stl, or similar ensures accuracy in translating your design into a manufacturable format. These files enable precise replication of your toy design in our manufacturing processes.

3. Packaging Design Files: If you have specific packaging criteria, provide design files in formats like PSD (Photoshop), PDF, AI (Adobe Illustrator), or editable formats illustrating your packaging design concepts. This facilitates aligning the packaging with your branding and anticipated product presentation.

4. Detailed Instructions: Elaborate guidelines, color codes, material preferences, or any specific requirements should be documented in a clear, organized manner. This might take the form of a PDF document offering insights into design elements, preferred finishes, or particular manufacturing considerations.

Incorporating these files and documentation streamlines the production process, ensuring the development of your customized art toys in accordance with your envisioned design and quality benchmarks.

Q: How can I start figure toy project?
Q: What types of materials are used in the custom toys you produce?
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