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Self Loathing Art Toy

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Self Loathing Art Toy

- Edition of 300 pcs

- Multi Colorways

- Size:  10 inch

- Material: Eco-friendly PVC

- Artwork: Plastic Injection

- Package: Gift Box

Self Loathing Art Toy

British pop culture artist Thumbs has launched his Tooth Art Toy, bringing his iconic multi-headed cartoon character creations into the 3D era. Coming Soon Self-Loathing – Cat Edition Vinyl Figure

Designs File Format:
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Self Loathing Art Toy 3D Model Designs

The 3D Model We Help Made.Usually we will conduct 3D modeling based on the 2D design files provided by the customer, and then provide it to the customer for confirmation. If the customer is not satisfied, we will modify it until the customer is satisfied.

3D Design File Format:


Art Toy Colorways
Total of 8 colors need to be painted
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Self Loathing Art Toy Mold Solution
We formulate the most reasonable mold solution based on the structure of the vinyl figures
Self Loathing Art Toy Prototype
We usually make prototype samples to confirm the mold solution before formal samples and mass production.
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The Cusotm Packaging Gift Box Design
Production Records
We recorded some monster figures production processes, including sample production and mass production processes
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