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Custom Art Toy Demeng Toy Cooperation Case
The cases of art toy manufactured by us
We have a high degree of manufacturing depth, short lead time and flexibility in every sense. Whatever your need is, we are happy to help. If you have a
new idea that you want to bring to reality or an existing design that needs improvement, we look forward to an opportunity to discuss it with you.
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Vanser Toys Ramble Founders Edition Vinyl Figure
This vinyl figure stands at 5" tall and 5" wide and comes in the Founders Edition colorway which is limited to 100  pieces.Sheep figure is produced using the vinyl process. The logo is gravure-printed on the feet of the vinyl figure,Then silver premium figure and gold premium figure have also been produced.
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WOLF PITS Art Vinyl Toy Boomer
The art and creations of Ryan Taft AKA Wolf Pits. This art toy uses a combination of plastic injection molding and vinyl processing, which is our regular method of producing art toys.
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Go Golem Designer Toy
We have produced toys in 3 different sizes for Blushing Owl Studio, and we use different materials to produce Go Golem designer toy of different sizes to meet quality requirements.
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Thairannosaurus Rex Animal Action Figure Toy
The Tyrannosaurus action figure toy is produced with a matte white body that contrasts with gold eyes, fangs, and nails. We use environmentally friendly soft vinyl, which is colored with an airbrush and paintbrush. The movable parts of the toy include the head and its front and rear legs.
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Amxd Robot Action Figure
This high-quality robot action figure is produced by us for the automox company. His name is Agent of Action, and each of his joints is movable. Each customized action figure has its own special mission, so the robot Agent of Action has become the image ambassador of automox.
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Custom Kill2birds Art Toy
We disassembled the toy parts based on the 3D model provided by the customer, and then worked out a feasible mold production solution. The most difficult part was how to deal with the bird's legs, because they are thin and easy to break, but we finally found a perfect solution and perfected it.
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Lamby Baby Custom Vinyl Art Toy
Lambie is a little lamb with huge red ears who likes strawberries very much. Limited edition art toy designed by Pamela Sustaita. We produced a limited edition of 500 pieces for it. Not only did we customize toys for it, we also customized color box packaging and shipping services for customers.
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Custom Tusk Vinyl Toy
This customized figure toy is pur3lyroot3d's first collectible vinyl toy. This art vinyl toy is an elephant figure, perfect as a signature collectible for the pur3lyroot3d clothing brand. And we have customized and produced their own artistic vinyl toys for many other clothing brands.
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